PostgreSQL Patch Tester

Here lives an experimental bot that does this: PostgreSQL CommitfestGithub → ( AppVeyor, Cirrus CI ). The results appear in the following order: apply, Windows check, FreeBSD check-world, Linux check-world + docs, macOS check. The plan is eventually to show them on the Commitfest app.

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Needs review

33/2710 Fix behavior of geo_ops when NaN is involved Kyotaro Horiguchi patch
33/2490 Make message at end-of-recovery less scary Kyotaro Horiguchi patch   apply failure
33/2627 More scalable multixacts buffers and locking Kyotaro Horiguchi, Andrey Borodin patch   apply success   appveyor success   cirrus/freebsd success   cirrus/linux success   cirrus/macos failure
33/931 Protect syscache from bloating with negative cache entries Kyotaro Horiguchi patch
33/1708 Shared-memory based stats collector Kyotaro Horiguchi patch
33/2161 standby recovery fails when re-replaying due to missing directory which was remo... Kyotaro Horiguchi, Paul Guo patch

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