PostgreSQL Patch Tester

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Here lives an experimental bot that converts email threads that are registered in the Commitfest system into branches on Github, and collates test results from Cirrus CI.

Needs review

38/3501 Speed up releasing of locks Andres Freund, David Rowley H   CompilerWarnings: COMPLETED   FreeBSD - 13: COMPLETED   Linux - Debian Bullseye: COMPLETED   Windows - Server 2019, VS 2019: COMPLETED   macOS - Monterey: COMPLETED
38/3395 building postgres with meson Andres Freund H   Apply patches: FAILED

Waiting on Author

38/3316 Asynchronous and "direct" IO support for PostgreSQL Andres Freund, David Rowley, Thomas Munro H   Apply patches: FAILED
38/3396 Use -fvisibility=hidden for shared libraries Andres Freund H   Apply patches: FAILED